With Momentum as your commercial real estate partner in investments, you’ll never feel like you’re in the dark. Our agents will develop a strategy to help you purchase income-producing property or identify property that is prime for a successful investment.



Receive Investment Services Led by Strategy


Your investment strategy should identify properties that meet your investment objectives. Your portfolio’s health is too important for results that fall short. At Momentum expect our agents to strive for a positive impact on your goals and investments every single day.

When it comes to your real estate investment and property development opportunities, we know service from your commercial real estate partner should be second nature. That’s why we offer every investment service you need – from consulting on property identification, investigation and vetting of properties to putting together an acquisition and development strategy to get the most from your portfolio.


Plan of Action

Whether a corporation or small business, our investment process is simple and specific to your goals.

  1. Plan with Momentum for pre-development or acquisition

  2. Narrow down search to the best opportunities

  3. Manage the successful development of your assets



Momentum Investment Services Include:

  • Pre-Investment Planning

  • Property Acquisition

  • Project Financing

  • Portfolio Acquisitions

  • Value Add Asset Development

  • 1031 Exchanges