For us, real estate expertise means knowing more than just the market or commercial properties, but knowing what’s important to the people interested in planting their businesses there.

We believe there’s opportunity in every property. For businesses, individuals and communities, real estate has the unique ability to connect each of these groups in unexpected yet successful relationships. That’s why it’s so important to every agent at Momentum to provide an unmatched level of service and make sure the business of commercial real estate is bringing people and properties together.



Momentum Commercial Real Estate brings people and property, together.


We get it. Your business and its success is in your hands. And we know that the right location, the right facilities and the right deal means everything. As your commercial real estate partner, we’re ready and relentless when it comes to finding the foundation on which to build your business.

Clients trust that our team will go to whatever lengths necessary to make sure their investment properties and developments receive the attention they deserve, and your business will be treated no different. Whatever goals you set for your commercial real estate, Momentum will make them happen.


Our Team

We’re called commercial real estate experts. More important, we’re called partners.